The Animation Production Day is a business platform for the German and international animation industry. In effective one-on-one meetings, APD brings together financing, distribution and co-production partners for animation projects and offers focused debates and industry insights at the APD conference.

Each year more than 150 participants negotiate cooperations for around 40 innovative animation projects for all media platforms.

The projects presented at APD show a high success rate. More than one third of all projects presented at APD in recent years were able to acquire important financing elements and have been successfully produced.

APD is hosted by the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media, both major events in their respective fields that take place during the same week in spring. It is organised by the Film- and Medienfestival gGmbH and Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Why attend?

  • Carefully edited catalogue with project and company details and up-to-date information on who is looking for what at APD
  • Individually scheduled 30-minute long one-on-one meetings for every participant based on meeting requests and availability
  • Detailed and direct feedback from coproducers, investors and commissioners for those presenting their own project
  • Fresh and innovative projects for diverse formats and audiences
  • Producers for Co-Production – a half-day of one-on-one meetings exclusively for producers and service producers
  • Separate meeting lounges for focused and confidential conversations
  • APD Conference with high-calibre speakers
  • Coffee lounge and communal meals for easy networking
  • Highly inspiring atmosphere within the ITFS festival and FMX conference – the hotspot for animation in Germany – and access to all their programmes

Who can participate?

  • German and international producers with a fresh and innovative animation project for which they are seeking co-producers and investors
  • Producers or service providers looking for projects in which they can get involved (there are limited places for producers attending without a project)
  • Investors, distributors, sales agents, commissioning editors and publishers seeking fresh and innovative animation content
  • German and international funding institutions for film, TV and digital media

Which type of projects can be submitted?

  • TV series, feature films, games, mobile content and transmedia animation projects
  • At concept, development or production stage
  • Suitable for international coproduction
  • Open to coproducers
  • With potential for brand development

The APD jury selects 40-45 projects each year for participation in APD.