History of APD


Animation Production Day was set up in 2007 by the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film and the FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media. Taking place for the twelfth time in 2018, it has long since established itself as one of the most important national and international industry events.

“You can sit down, talk, share, discuss and see what we can do together and help each other and get projects off the ground which is what it’s all about. It’s been fantastic, it really is great. I’ll be coming back, that’s for sure.” (Giles Bones, Imira Entertainment, APD 2015)

Since its beginning in 2007 with 12 projects and 35 participants, Animation Production Day has been continuously growing. With around 150 participants from 24 countries and 44 preselected animation projects, APD 2017 was the biggest edition yet.

APD has also been developing further with regards to its content and concept. The Conference section has been enlarged and expanded into a platform where current trends and development opportunities for the industry can be sounded out whilst also providing room for internal industry discussions.

“I think it’s a very high-calibre audience, very high-calibre panel discussions and presentations. I was really impressed with the three talks that I’ve heard so far, so I’m looking forward to hearing more.” (Claudia Seeber, Embassy of Canada, APD 2015)

In its selection of projects, APD has aligned itself from the start with developments in the market and, alongside feature films and TV series, very quickly opened itself up to new formats such as games and transmedia projects.

“It’s a lot more focused also on other things, not just on animation, not just on the production itself, but also on the whole 360 degrees. (…) I think it is a lot more diverse than other markets I’ve seen so far. (Stefanie Fischer, WDR mediagroup GmbH, APD 2015)

In APD’s ninth edition, the programme was expanded with the Producers for Co-Production section. This new addition for producers, service producers and service providers in the animation industry places its focus fully on the production side of animation projects. Service providers who also become involved in projects as investors and coproducers can play an important role in the financing of film projects and in the setting up of European coproductions. And, alongside developing and realising their own projects, it often also makes sense for producers to act as service providers for other producers in order to optimise the utilisation of studio capacity. At Producers for Co-Production they can find the right partners.

One of APD’s other objectives is the strengthening of European and international cooperations through the collaboration of networks of regional and national institutions. Since 2015, new cooperations with Cartoon Forum and MIPJunior have been added.