Producers for Co-Production

One-on-One Meetings

Producers for Co-Production is a programme for animation producers, service producers and service providers which places the focus fully on the production side of animation projects.

Studios and coproducers can play an important role in the financing of film projects and in setting up European coproductions. And, alongside developing and realising their own projects, it often also makes sense for producers to act as service providers for other producers in order to optimise the utilisation of studio capacity.

At Producers for Co-Production, young talents with innovative projects have the chance to get experienced partners on board. And for crossmedia and transmedia or immersive media projects, producers can come together who complement each other with their expertise in content production for different media platforms.

Well-prepared one-on-one discussions in an informal atmosphere offer the best conditions for the right national and international coproduction partners to find each other and to use this as a foundation for embarking upon even more precisely focused conversations with broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, funders and investors at the financing market on Friday.

How does it work?

For the one-on-one meetings of Producers for Co-Production we will provide an online meeting scheduler around 4 weeks before the event. All participants will be presented with their company profiles. Detailed information on what the company is looking for at APD helps to find suitable cooperation partners. With the online meeting scheduler all participants of Producers for Co-Production can get in touch before the event, exchange information and plan their meetings for Thursday.

Only the one-on-one meetings of Producers for Co-Production on Thursday will be planned via the Online-Scheduler.