Financing Market

One-on-One Meetings

The One-on-One meetings at the financing market are the centrepiece of Animation Production Day. Producers present their preselected projects to broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, funders and investors in individually tailored meetings and discuss the market potential and financing strategies for their projects. Immediate and detailed feedback will enable them to further develop their projects according to specific market needs. Broadcasters and distributors are introduced to fresh and innovative projects and frequently have the opportunity to get involved at an early stage to develop the project together with the producer.

A catalogue containing all the project and participant information is produced from the application forms and project submissions. This catalogue is sent out as a pdf file to all participants around two weeks before the start of the event.

On the basis of this catalogue, participants can choose who they would like to meet. Depending upon availability, the APD team arranges the requested meetings along with further meetings which fit the company profile or project. The personalised meeting plans are then sent to the participants around a week before the event.