APD is exclusively an event for animation professionals.

You can apply for accreditation if you are:

  • a producer with a fresh and innovative animation (or live action/animation hybrid) project for which you are seeking co-producers and investors
  • a producer or service provider looking for projects in which you can get involved as a co-production partner (there are limited places for producers attending without a project)
  • an investor, distributor, sales agent, commissioning editor or publisher seeking fresh and innovative animation content
  • a German or international funding institution for film, TV and digital media

Animation projects can be submitted at their concept, development or production stage. APD is looking for TV-series, features, games or transmedia projects. In general, producers should have a record of having successfully produced a number of animation projects already. The projects have to be promising commercially, and they have to have a potential for brand development and international distribution.

Registration and submission files as well as our participation conditions and fees will be published here in December 2017 the latest.