Save the Date:
11th Animation Production Day, 4 – 5 May 2017, Stuttgart

The Animation Production Day (APD) is the major co-production and financing market in Germany focused exclusively on animation. At APD the most important national and international market players negotiate cooperations for more than 30 new animation projects in exclusive one-on-one meetings.

The new section “Producers for Co-Production” offers an additional coproduction platform for producers, service producers and production service providers only. The programme is rounded off with the APD Conference in which high-profile speakers discuss new trends and developments in the animation industry.

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Impressions APD 2016

APD 2016 Picture Gallery

  • “The APD is just what the market needs – international in scope and with a broad network covering a range of different sectors.

    Dominique Schuchmann
    M.A.R.K. 13
  • “Quality time with German producers and funding bodies to get a better understanding of what the options are in Germany.”

    Olivier Dumont
    eOne Family
  • “Excellent sessions, great organisation, super location and a good format.”

    Dennis Guggenheim
    Kompost TV
  • “It is fantastically organised with great speakers and it is great to meet all of the German producers. I really enjoyed it.”

    Marion Edwards
    HIT Entertainment
  • “I like the creative atmosphere here, which comes from the combination of the festival, the FMX and the market.”

    Dr Irene Wellershoff
  • “It’s a great atmopshere and it’s a great mixture of people you meet here. I have an animation studio in Hamburg and we’ve found a lot of cooperations here.”

    Jana Bohl
    Studio Rakte
  • “I think there is interesting projects, interesting people, different people to other markets, and it’s great to support the German industry. (…) And the one-to-one meetings are actually a good exchange of information what is new and what we can take on board for our channel.”

    Janine Weigold
    Super RTL
  • “We’ve met some really great people. Everybody is very very open and open to new ideas and open to young talent. (…) It’s been fantastic to sharing ideas and getting honest criticism and I feel really inspired to move forward now with the project.”

    Andrea McEwan
    Kikeriki Productions
  • “You can sit down, talk, share, discuss and see what we can do together and help each other and get projects off the ground which is what it’s all about. (…) I see a lot of energy here and I see a lot of excitement to really get things done and it’s great to be part of something that is dynamic and innovative and proactive.”

    Giles Bones
    Imira Entertainment
  • “It’s very concentrated, very focused on single projects. And that’s a great opportunity for us as world sales to have a look what’s coming up in the next months and years.”

    Julia Weber
    Global Screen
  • “I think it’s a very high-calibre audience, very high-calibre panel discussions and presentations. I was really impressed with the three talks that I’ve heard so far, so I’m looking forward to hear more.”

    Claudia Seeber
    Embassy of Canada
  • “It’s a lot more focused on also other things, not just on animation, not just on the production itself, but also on the whole 360 degrees, (…)I think it is a lot more diverse than other markets I’ve seen so far.”

    Stefanie Fischer
    WDR mediagroup GmbH
  • “The concept is very good. The combination of having focussed one-to-one meetings and then lunch/dinner all together in a relaxed atmosphere, works pretty well.”

    Alex Williams
    Gravy Media Ltd
  • „Feedback from the participants of the Animation Production Day was overwhelmingly positive. The key to the event’s unique success is that creatives meet with potential investors in pre-arranged individual discussions instead of public pitchings. The organizers chose to focus on exclusiveness and concentration – class instead of mass. And the concept is proving itself.“

    AWN Animation World Network
    AWN Animation World Network
  • „A mix of ‘Cannes’ and ‘Cartoon Forum’”

    Stefan Pfäffle
  • “Productive – Efficient – Cosy – Nice People”

    Karsten Kiilerich
    A. Film Production
  • “Uncomplicated organisation focused on the practical/relevant; unpretentious setting; well organised down to the detail, highly efficient.”

    Thomas Schäffer
    nordmedia Fonds GmbH

At APD 2016 around 140 participants from 18 different countries negotiated cooperations for the 39 selected animation projects showcased in over 600 one-on-one meetings. The total production volume of these projects is around 150 million Euros. 13 feature film projects , 23 series, 3 gaming and special projects have been presented. Most selected projects are cross- or transmedia creations. Thirteen of the selected projects were submitted by German producers. The remaining 26 projects originate from Denmark, Spain, Belgium, France, England, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Macedonia and Turkey.