Who can participate?


APD is an event exclusively for animation professionals. You can participate if you are

  • a producer with a fresh an innovative animation project, for which you are seeking co-producers and investors
  • a producers or service provider who is looking for projects in which you can engage as a co-production partner
  • an investor, distributor, sales agent, commissioning editor or publisher and are looking for fresh and innovative animation content
  • German and international funding institutions for film, TV and digital media

Animation projects can be presented at their concept, development or production stage. APD is looking for TV-series, features, games or transmedia projects. In general, producers should have a record of having successfully produced a number of animation projects already. The projects have to be promising commercially, and they have to have a potential for brand development and international distribution.

How to register

To participate in APD, you need to be registered. 

Producers who would like to present their project must submit their project by completing the APD project submission file. 
30 - 35 projects will be selected for presentation at APD 2016. Once the project is selected (and only then), the registration becomes valid.

Distributors, investors, world sales agents, comissioning editors, publishers as well as potential co-producers have to register by completing the registration file. 

Registration and submission files, deadlines for registration as well as our participation conditions and fees will be published here in December 2015.